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March 26, 2008

10:20 AM

Yervant & Joe Buissink,April,2008

BRAND NEW and highly energetic seminar programme by two icons!
Yervant from Australia TOGETHER with Joe Buissink of USA   present:


Each is renowned for his style and individual technique, BOTH are leaders in their respective corners of the world and now....
TOGETHER, they will present their individual views, approach and future direction in professional wedding photography internationally.

Live shoot, each will show their way, light as they see it, angles they like, their communication methods, how each sees the 'story' of the day, then of course, Photoshop and finishing.

Business and marketing which each utilise in their respective businesses and their plans and vision for the future trends of wedding photography worldwide.

NEW repertoire from BOTH, Joe will showcase complete wedding coverage, Yervant will demonstrate his simple but all essential Photoshop finishing techniques on both his and also Joe's images....  Celebrities shot by Joe... finished by Yervant . Totally INSPIRATIONAL .

13 City seminar tour of USA and Canada
Seats filling very quickly,  BOOK now to secure your spot.

For more information visit website..
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