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March 30, 2008

11:26 PM

Wedding Photographer tools

Juan Guzman
As a Wedding Photographer we are expected to be both an artist, technician, business person and a sensitive human being. If you like something more: Master of Ceremonies, arbitrator and that confidence one so close so far in the same time. After have purchased or rented suitable backup gear and be all knowing of photographic equipment, their idiosyncrasies and purpose. Strong in studio portraiture so we need to know about lighting and facial size, proportion, angles and layouts. To know lighting, ceremony places paths, its rules, the Officiate....keeping main in the reception beforehand. Preparation - Training - Business Sense - and most important of all sense of humor is a good start. BRIDES: Your wedding photographs may have to reflect a diversification of interests and taste. The entire wedding market has no totally embraced PJ efforts and there are still many out there who are traditionalists and classics. Photographer experience, guides, inspiration, equipment, everything help keep things on track. As long as you stay on track things go well. That will be PRO-Photographer goal.
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