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April 1, 2008

10:35 AM

Photography in Springtime wedding

Juan Guzman
If you are planning a spring wedding and you like to include nice flowers with vibrant petals in outdoor location, candles to give it a soft romantic look, get married a bit later in the day, in this way you have light day and candles working out in the continuing natural light transformation from blue/yellow sunset color dominance to candles light into night. Really romantic in all!.
Photographers like vibrant color. Try greens mixed wit deep red or strong pink and gold in companion dress or table and centerpieces decor.
Every season change the photo work scheme. Spring is not different. April-May-June, coming with particular and unpredictable weather. If you setup everything indoor, don´t worry, but for outdoor will be nice think in plan B working out in case of rain.
Wedding in spring can be great for every aspect in special for photography (elegant, romantic, vivid), life coming with natural colored world, clear sky, brilliant sunset and candles light. Couple with a good wedding photographic staff (experience and ready for switch too fast in unpredictable changes), finally go to get successful spring wedding day

The author is Dominican wedding photographer

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