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April 30, 2008

8:35 AM

Weddings photography in the Dominican Republic Resorts

 Juan Guzman - dfotoart

To work wedding photography in open and closed places, open day and dark night, with bad weather , sea colors, dimmed sky, getting late. Furthermore, allow the brides to live their experience, allow the guests to make its photos, to keep the respect by the venue order, its limitations and possibilities, requires of certain abilities and the main one is: to be prepared for the unexpected things. Retardation, the change of plans from beach to garden, day to night, sun shine to hard rain. And the really excellent thing: that the even benefit of its moment, instead of being a problem You like main photographer are the one ready for find out the solution touch in the right moment. Inventive, creativity, graceful improvisations and within the frame of the professionalism.
For that reason, many pairs choose a relative for their photos or deal with a very high level of tension until the moment for being sure that selected person works so well or at least takes suitable unfolding in front of them and the guests.
We are no simple photographer shooting wedding, also it has value of being a partner of the pair that hire us for its special moment.
Choice come to another country to make its marriage is a long project and involve many, many details to take care, photography is not less important. Pictures are the moment memories, the history illustration, the happy moment veracity and the union visual documentation.
Our correct unfolding is a support for how hire us.
Having sufficient and suitable equipment for each necessity is a responsibility, to be prepared in experience, cultural knowledge and own confidence are an element of high value for the stranger who only has reference about us from another one opinion or an image that you did and they saw by the Internet.
Shoot weddings in hotels and resort requires of art and little something more.
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