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May 5, 2008

2:43 AM

Hiring a wedding photographer

Really delicate to decide on the photographer to use for our wedding, previously without knowing the person, experience and the empathies levels  to obtain between the couple and the photographer. There is no doubt that hotel photographers have a major location handling, but they always doesn't have the time to catch the photo dynamic of each couple in particular. The  hotel based photographers can work to much better prices than these come from outside, but their services are limited by the their work nature: fast delivery and the weddings volume  to be cover.
Therefore, the differences to which to pay attention at the  deciding time: to establish a basic budget for photography, to know the photo style wished, to obtain data about photographers availabilities in the area in which you will be going away to marry, to obtain data of the person who finally you are interested to use and to listen the references of those which have used that service before.
Finally, take time to decide what photos you wish to have.
A wedding never is repeated!.

Put distance between you and the marriage emotion. Finally, when you find the photographer give to him or her you support explaining what do you wish.
Do not forget: if the couple need the photographers confidence, they needs smiles from you.
Juan Guzman - Dominican Photographic Art
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