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January 28, 2010

9:44 PM

To Getting married on the beach.

To get married on the beach you must be a free spirit. If you like the sensation of feeling your feet wet with sea spray and if you like the sound of waves crashing against the coast, then you may be ready for a beach wedding.

If you want a wedding photographer located in the chosen destination for the wedding, is almost certainly going to start and end online. Type the name of your destination on Google and followed by the word photographer or wedding photographer, Google will give you several options at once.

Once you've found some one online with a portfolio that catches your attention, or have a style that suits your personality, make contact by email and find out what the photographer can offer you. While not a perfect test, this first contact will give you an idea of the type of photographer who is trying, and this may help in your decision.

At day's end, you have to choose a photographer whose work inspires and whose personality you feel comfortable and relaxed. He should be as relaxed as you should be to get married on the beach.

Juan Guzman/Destination Wedding Photographer
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